Where To Find Top Quality, Custom Silicone Wristbands Online

Finding an industry leading silicone wristbands factory on the web can be daunting especially if you don’t have any idea where to start. But there are some important tips that will help you choose an excellent company that can provide you with top quality wristbands. Whether you want free artwork designs, free shipping, or low prices. We are committed to offer our customers with the finest rubber bracelets they need at more affordable rates. You can check our items here and see which design suits your current requirements.

Custom Silicone WristbandsIn 2004, custom rubber bracelets and wristbands first penetrated the market as promotional items particularly for charities and awareness campaigns. From then on, silicone wristbands have significantly become an essential tool in promoting events and campaigns. Whether it is for awareness issue, sporting teams support, and fundraising campaigns, these customized rubber bands are effective and inexpensive for event organizers and campaign managers. We guarantee you top quality products you can use in any of your events.

Advantages of Personalized Rubber Bracelets

The major advantage of investing money in these products is that people create awareness to fundraise efforts while having stylish accessories around the wrist. Our wristbands are ideal for clubs, school functions, and business brands to ensure message delivery through convenient wearables. We carefully use silicone materials, colors, and other accessories to perfectly design the best rubber bracelets you can wear. By letting the silicone harden to take form, the finished products are really attractive to look at.

After the silicone hardened, they can now be debossed, embossed, or printed using a silk screen in order to exactly create your dream design. We also encourage customers to add personal message to make the final outcomes more personalized. Once the process has been completed, the order is packed and shipped on your doorsteps through air shipping service. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our professional assistance and we’ll be right there to help you get the best options available.

By using silicone wristbands with a tagline or personal message, you can promote your brand with the right audience.

Our products are ideal for the following events:

1. Fundraising

2. Business branding

3. Political causes

4. Promote awareness

5. School events

6. Concerts

7. Graduations

8. Sporting events

How It Works

And when it comes to features, our rubber bracelets are 100 percent silicone rubber, cheaper, no minimum orders needed, with custom messages. Custom colors, debossed type, zodiac signs, and trendy designs. All you need to do is check out our website and witness plethora of options to choose from. There are lots of benefits and uses to take advantage of in terms of customized silicone bracelets. In fact, you can successfully promote your brand as well as corporate events without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Rubber bracelets

This fail-proof, comfortable promotional tool actually helps businesses and individuals save up from their time, money, and efforts. The hottest trends regarding silicone wristbands actually prove that these products have made significant changes in how people promote their events and campaigns. Using rubber bracelets are hip and comfy so people don’t have to worry about anything when wearing them around their wrists. Show your support for your favorite teams and enjoy the stylish features of colorful silicone bracelets available in the market today.

Why Choose the Wristbands Factory

With The Wristbands Factory, you can maximize your promotional campaigns and get the exact results you need for your business. Let us know if you need our help and we will provide you with cost efficient solutions in order to make sure that you are taking the right path. Aside from being excellent fashion accessories, rubber bracelets are also useful in inspiring conversations while keeping people engaged in the discussions.

Now you can get rid of traditional promotional items and benefit from fashionable bracelets to uphold your upcoming event. If you need assistance, The Wristbands Factory is here to ensure that everything’s in place. With certain level of durability and security, you can choose from wide range of designs, colors, and styles to suit your specific needs. Whether you want to order tyvek wristbands, vinyl wristbands, fabric wristbands, thermal wristbands, party wristbands, or tab wristbands, we’re here to help you. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions and other related concerns regarding our products and services offered online.

The Tradition of Custom Challenge Coins

We have been serving for several organizations for years. For this reason, we are aware that custom challenge coins are valuable for different organizations. Our products are important to the members and even to the non-members of an organization, because these serve as tokens for recognition and appreciation.

Aside from that, we value the challenge coins’ significance in history. In fact, there were a number of politicians, who used our coins in different ways. Most politicians used them to recognize those who have died for their country. They also give them to those who have done an excellent performance. But the most popular and interesting thing about the challenge coins, is all about its tradition and origin.navy Coins

What about its tradition?

The tradition of a custom challenge coin is in a form of a challenge which is the primary reason that it’s called challenge coin. The traditional challenge ensures that the members of an organization, especially in the military, carry their coins all the time.

How the challenge is done?

You may our coins or other challenge coins to initiate a challenge or to respond to a challenge. The rules of the challenge vary depending on the rules that have agreed upon with, but there are traditional rules that can be applied. Here are some of them:

1.    Do not deface, alter, or drill your coin for it’s not qualified for the challenge.

2.    The challenge is applied to the members within the organization. The goal of the traditional challenge is to increase the unit’s morale. That’s why a challenge done among the members of different organizations is not recommended, but not prohibited, because this may lead to some issues.

3.    Say, “Coin check!” out loud to initiate a challenge. Sometimes it is just enough to make an audible sound to initiate a challenge. Sometimes, an accidental drop of a coin is also considered as an act of a challenge.

4.    The people being challenged should respond in the same manner. The response includes the presenting of the coin in the same way as the challenger did. If you fail to respond properly, or if you don’t have your challenge coin with you, you will have to buy a round of drinks to all the people who are involved in the challenge. But if you respond properly, the challenger has to buy a round of drinks to everyone involved.

5.    If you lose a challenge and fail to buy a round of drinks, you will have to turn your coin in to the one who issued it to you.

The origin of the challenge and the custom challenge coin

Some say that the challenge began in Germany after the Second World War. It was when the American soldiers in Germany would steer “pfennig checks.” You would have to present a pfennig, the lowest denomination of the German coins during that time, whenever a check was called. If you failed to present one, you would have to buy round of beers to all those who were involved in the challenge.

The pfennigs used as challenge coins, evolved into custom challenge coins.

It is also said that the act of the challenge was originated from a young pilot’s squadron. It started when a young pilot received a coin from his officer during the World War I. This coin was bearing his flying squadron’s insignia. He kept this coin inside a small pouch that was hanging around his neck.

military-coinsThis young pilot was captured by the Germans. They took away all his belongings, except his necklace. When he had managed to escaped, he reached a French outpost while pretending to be a civilian. Because he had nothing to prove his identity, the French mistook him for a spy and sentenced him to death. The pilot showed them his coin, and the French troops recognized it. The French delayed his execution until his identity was finally verified. The French gave him a bottle of wine instead of executing him.

Because of this, it became a tradition in his squadron that his challenge coin must be carried at all times.

The challenge tradition is can be done anytime and anywhere. You have the option to initiate it formally or informally, but most of the time, it’s done just for fun. Wherever or whenever you’re challenged, it is important to have a handy challenge coin with you. That’s why it is important to own a challenge coin that’s presentable and durable, just like the custom challenge coins we make for all our customers.

Polyester Neck Lanyards And Their Variations

The most common material used in making neck lanyards is polyester. Polyester fibers are made into bobbins of thread, and then they are weaved into twills. Twill is a kind of diagonal patterned textile that is used to make clothes, hats, bed sheets, blankets, home furnishings and lanyards.

The lanyards made with high-quality polyester materials are Imprinted Polyester lanyards, Imprinted Nylon lanyards, Woven lanyards, Reflective lanyards, and many more.

Imprinted Polyester Lanyards

Lanyard materials are manufactured into rolls or spools. These rolls are to be cut in a specific length to make neck lanyards usually by a hot knife to seal the ends. Some of the rolls have ready-made designs imprinted in them, while others are plain and ready for customization.

To customize a Polyester lanyard, the method silk-screen printing is used. This is the same method used in applying printed designs on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and patches. Polyester lanyard is the best lanyard choice if you are opting for both durability and affordability.

Woven Lanyards

lanyardsThese lanyards are also made of polyester but they are entirely woven from the base to the designs, logos, and texts. Woven lanyards cannot be printed, neither silk-screen nor digital. Because of that, you cannot choose this type if you needed your custom lanyards right away.

Woven lanyards do not also permit intricate objects as the design for their surfaces. Too many details are difficult to weave and so most probably, they will not appear legible.
Woven lanyards are generally for the customers who like to keep simple, classy, and professional.

Reflective Lanyards

This type already belongs on the over-the-top kinds of lanyards. Regardless, they are still made of polyester twill. However, there is an additional material that makes Reflective lanyards unique and sought after.

A reflective band is attached to a polyester twill to make the lanyard glow in the dark. A glowing ink can also be used when customizing a Reflective lanyard to make it brighter in the dark.

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

Do you have a specific design for your lanyard that is full of colors and details? Then choose these Dye Sublimated neck lanyards. You can imprint as many colors as you want in this type of lanyards through dye sublimation. The method use heat to transfer the designs to the material of the lanyards.

These lanyards are also extremely durable. It will take a long time before its prints wear off. Their bases are white polyester; all colors are applied during the sublimation method.

Imprinted Tubular Lanyards

These lanyards are made of stitched polyester twill. They are the softest, most comfortable, and the most affordable kind of lanyards. Tubular lanyards are also called Tube lanyards. They are ready for customization which is done through silk-screen printing or foam printing.

Nylon Lanyards

This type is for those who usually go for stylish, high-quality, and attention catching things. In terms of materials, Nylon lanyards are not made of polyester twill. They are made of nylon as suggested by its name. Nylon is a kind of synthetic polymers; they are melted into fibers which can be woven into lanyards.

The surface of Nylon neck lanyards is smooth and shiny. You can add customized designs through silk-screen printing. The printed texts or designs will also appear glossy. They popped up of the lace and this make them stand out.

Blank Lanyards

If you are urgently in need of lanyards, this kind is for you. Blank lanyards come in different materials such as polyester, nylon, satin, and silk. They also come in different colors.

The length of lanyards is usually 36 inches; 17 inches once their finished. The width is from half an inch to 5/8 inch. Blank lanyards can also be customized for later, if needed.

How to Know if an Employee’s Worth Keeping

It’s a challenge to find an ideal employee. No interview, exam or screening process can fully foresee how an employee can fit with the team, or how will he work with his new environment.

The employees you hire should be experienced, skilled, motivated, and filled with passion towards their work. To add, they also have to fit with the company’s values.

It’s hard to comprehend whether to let an employee go or to implement employee retention, but you can check these signs to figure out if an employee is worth keeping.

They are proactive.

Being proactive is different from being reactive. A reactive employee responds quickly to problems that arise, but a proactive employee will not only solve the problem at hand – he will also consider future problems and attempt to fix them immediately.


It won’t be too easy to spot proactive employees, but what you can do is to see which employees exert much care and thoroughness in their craft to make sure no mistakes will take place.

They come up with ideas.

The life of the company is based on their ideas. A strong and significant idea is what it needs to get moving, and strong ideas make them stay alive a midst the competition. It’s hard to generate ideas consistently so it would be good to have people who are able to provide creative input that will help sustain the company.

You just have to remember, though, that the usual brainstorming sessions are not enough. Every employee might have an idea or two, which means you’ll get a handful of ideas every now and then. What you need are people who come up with suggestions on how to make the company a better place to work for. If you cross paths with an employee that has these types of ideas, then do your best to keep him/her.

They don’t mind expressing their opinions.

You also have to check who among your employees don’t want to openly share their opinions. There are people among your staff who always see the negative and tend to complain about everything. On the other hand, there are people who always remain positive and are always praising other people.

Neither purely negative people nor purely positive people are good for the company. The former is a given; no one wants to be with a negative person. The latter seems to be good, but he might not be able to contribute anything significant to the company.

They are always eager to know more and make themselves better.

Your employees reflect the image of your company. When your employees become stagnant, your company becomes stagnant too. If your employees never stop in expanding their knowledge as well as the range of their expertise, then your company will never stop growing as well. To add, you won’t even worry about hiring replacement talents as your employees themselves are capable of whatever higher position you might need.

Employee improvement, of course, is definitely a two-way street. You don’t have to wait for the employee to improve himself; you should offer chances whenever possible. See who among your employees are responding well to these chances and apply employee retention methods when needed.

They are passionate about the company.

It’s easy to look for people who will fill the gaps of a particular company, but it’s harder to find employees who are passionate about their place of work. For the usual employee, he’s only there for the work; the dedicated employee treats his co-workers like family.

How would you know if an employee is passionate? Look at his expression while discussing the company’s future. Is he concerned about the possible addition to his workload? Is he happy about the possibilities? Retain employees whom you don’t have to worry about loyalty, and those who find the job as more than just something that provides the paycheck.

There are people who just don’t do their work well: get rid of these possible as soon as you can. But if an employee demonstrates all amazing qualities, then do all possible employee retention methods – do all you can to make the employee happy and satisfied.